“Drink Upstream”?

What Do You Mean By “Drink Upstream”?

We get asked this question often and I felt it would be an appropriate first blog post, an introduction if you will, to us here at Fourth Creek. What does “Drink Upstream” mean???

For us, the phrase is a simple reminder of our commitment to do things better. We constantly strive to create a better experience; to make the best craft beverages we can, with the best ingredients we can find; to celebrate our town’s rich history and tell our story as best we are able.

Upstream is a place of advantage, and also one of responsibility; what we do upstream, affects those downstream. Once as a kid, my brother and I were playing in the creek on my family’s farm. My brother jumps out of the creek to go answer the call of Ma’ Nature… a minute or two later I hear hysterical laughter as I discovered that he was “adding to the creek” as they’d say and I was becoming the downstream recipient! He thought is was hilarious, and of course we settled the matter as brothers often do, and we both had a great time wrestling in the creek. Fun times, fun times!

As a business, we understand that our actions affect those around us, or downstream if you will. By using local ingredients, vendors and contractors as much as possible we keep revenue in our community. We support local charities. We support taking care of the resources around us. Why? Because these are our friends and neighbors and are affected most directly and immediately. We don’t see ourselves as being “better” than anyone. After all, we ourselves are downstream from someone else. We are just trying to do the best we can do in our little piece of the world, and maybe we can spread that to those around us, and in turn, they will do the same.

Pint by pint we are building a better community. With every brew, you are supporting more than just our brewery and the handful of families that comprise it; you support local farmers, artists, charities, tourism, other local businesses. You are supporting a great community and many different industries. You too are making a conscious choice to drink better and do better.

So come Drink Upstream with us,